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New Service Price Implimented


Price and Product Update: For hosting a "site space only package" + emails + mobile ready + Databases +FTP Accounts = price is now £50. For Hosting and building a website, price is now £100 (everyone demands more time, features, services). New prices take effect from 01 Sep 2016.

IMPORTANT: Your Website Photos


The photos used at your websites must be your own. Would you please login and check that the photos are your own - photos must not come from Google!. Your login details are: user name: your email address and your password. Please double check your website. - Do not break copyright laws. Remember that you are the responsible owner for your website. You can email photos to ...

Ticket & email support.


Please use our ticket support system it you have any questions or issues. All servers, web, email and Database are working - no known issues. Microquiz Ltd.

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